CAT Entertainment Services


Cat Entertainment Services rents efficient, temporary lighting for a wide range of remote applications from a single tent to an entire outdoor

music festival. Our staff of professionals has the industry knowledge to help you not only in planning your event but the execution.



Genie® TML™-4000 Light Tower

  • 28 ft (8.5 m) extended tower height.
  • "Tool-less" Quick Aim™ allows for both horizontal and vertical adjustment of each lamp fixture.
  • Genie's patent-pending tilt-actuating system provides the ability to vertically aim all four lamp fixtures from ground level.
  • Patented fold-down outrigger system includes dual deployment positions allowing easy setup on uneven surfaces.
  • TML-4000 features an industry-leading continuous run-time rating of 100 hours between fueling.
  • Four 1,000 watt metal halide lights.

300 & 500 Watt Incandescent Fixtures

The most commonly used lighting for specific areas such as stair ways, tents, dressing rooms, under stage areas and inside trucks. These instruments are "gelable" and come equipped with custom brackets to affix them to most any structure. Ideal if used in a package of 12 or 24 to cover complete applications.


Dual 40 Watt Flourescent Fixtures 

The best for indoor, soft light coverage, the Dual 40 watt Fluorescent will create the perfect lighting environment for detailed work, catering areas and large tents with displays. These fixtures are constructed of soft Neo Tex with butyrate plastic shields and are equipped with straps to accommodate many various hanging situations. Input and output plugs are also provided for "feed-through" applications.